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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People


We would like to invite you to the charity exhibition “Help us to grow”

We would like to invite you to the charity exhibition “Help us to grow”


Photo: Rositsa Dolapchieva-Kayryakova


Atelier “FotoFozzie”, which is part of the “Solidarnost” Program for psychosocial rehabilitation of addicted people, kindly invites you to the charity photo exhibition under the title “Help us to grow”, which will be held on 4th July 2017, Tuesday, at Center for culture and debates “The Red House” starting at 18.30 at address Sofia, 15 “Luben Karavelov” str.

“Solidarnost” Program and “Posoka” House are the two units of Association Fracarita Bulgaria, that work directly with addicted people or people having problematic use of psychoactive substances or problematic gambling. From 2003 on, “Solidarnost” fulfils its mission – rehabilitation and social reintegration of addicted people aiming autonomous living; support and consultations for clients’ parents and relatives; provision of information and consulting; popularization of Solidarnost’s cause, and change of the social attitudes towards the addicted people.

At the end of 2015, we have also established the social service low-threshold center “Posoka” House for people addicted to alcohol and drugs who have not yet decided to initiate a change and engage in treatment, and it aims to improve their quality of life. The target group of the service mainly consist of people with very low social status, who live on the street or at extremely bad living conditions. At “Posoka”, they receive free of charge services, aiming to improve the quality of their lifestyle, as well as consultations with variety of healthcare and legal advisors.

During 2015 as part of the rehabilitation program “Solidarnost” the photographic atelier “FotoFozzie” was created, which from its very beginning became an essential part of the therapeutic process of the clients in rehabilitation and during their transition to adaptation and realization in life after the end of their treatment.

Till now the art of photography has given the addicted clients in the process of rehabilitation lots of new perspectives as well as it has helped them to develop their potential by one new and very constructive activity. With this exhibition, “FotoFozzie” supports the activities of “Posoka” House, which as a free of charge social service most needs sponsorship and public support.

The exhibition is part of the campaign “Help us to grow” through which we are fundraising money to maintain and develop the scope of the services delivered by the center to this very vulnerable social group.

We invite you to attend our exhibition where you will be able for a month to see our authors’ photos or to buy one of them in order to help the functioning of “Posoka” House.

You are welcome!