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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People



One of our aims is to develop effective work within a network of professionals so that we can affect every aspect of the psychoactive substances use. The integrative systematic approach, which underlies the networking, involves the intervention of different types of specialists at different levels of the recovery and aftercare, and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Moreover, the specialists from the partner organizations complement the missing competencies of the team of Solidarnost Association, which predominantly consists of psychologists. That is why we work with various state, municipal, and non-governmental organizations, psychiatrists and social workers. Here are some of them:

Therapeutic Community “Trempoline” – Belgium  

“Trempoline” lent a hand to us for the first time in 2002. With the help of the Belgian colleagues, we trained our team, who started the work on the creation of the rehabilitation program. “Trempoline” has significant presence in the development of the therapeutic communities’ method and methodology and we are proud to be their students.

“Mothers Against Drugs” – Plovdiv  

An Association of mothers of addicted people which refers young people in need of our services to Solidarnost Program. We participate in joint activities and trainings along with the mothers from the Association.

State Psychiatric Hospital Dr. Georgy Kisyov Radnevo  

They provide hospital resources for our clients who have difficulty in accepting treatments for physical withdrawal and need a closed environment. SPH-Radnevo, on the other hand, refers to Solidarnos” Program clients from Sofia, who have completed the short-term hospital program, and need ongoing rehabilitation and resocialization.

Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment in Neurology and Psychiatry “Sveti Naum” – Sofia, First Psychiatric Clinic

“Sveti Naum” Hospital is an important part of the detoxification network. We rely on the resources of First Psychiatric Clinic for clients who have difficulties with the treatment of their alcohol withdrawal and need closed environment.

Upon clients’ request, we refer them to begin treatment and support them during this period. The people, who have completed the phase of detoxification, return to Solidarnost Program for subsequent rehabilitation and social inclusion.