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Posoka House

Posoka House

Important: „Posoka“ House has not been functioning since 30.04.2019, but it will start providing again its services to its clients from 14.05.2019, now under name „The Pink House“ and under the management of the „Center for Human Policy“ Foundation. You can also visit their Facebook page here.

In January 2016, our latest project opened its doors – our low-threshold center for people addicted to alcohol and drugs, “Posoka” (“Direction”) House. It provides social services aimed at people who have not yet decided to engage in treatment, and it aims to improve their quality of life. In the center, our clients can find shelter within our working hours, support in a clean environment, as well as a washing machine and dryer, hot drinks, and upon request – psychiatric, psychological or legal advice.

With regard to the needs of our clients who are not covered by the services of the center, we provide connection and accompaniment to other institutions and organizations.

“Posoka” House works with clients three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 15:00 o’clock. The services that the program offers are in accordance with the guidelines on good practice in reducing the harm of drugs and the methodology for carrying out activities aimed at reducing the harm of drugs, as approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health (2012).

Our goals are to reduce the health and social harms from drug abuse through direct interventions, targeting the risky behavior of addicts and ensuring better conditions for their social functioning. We are available to our clients at address: Sofia, 109 Slivnitsa Boulevard (see on the map).

The service is anonymous and free of charge.

The space of “Posoka” House has allowed us to develop additional activities – cultural and social training and events. Through this type of activities we aim to maintain contact and cooperation with partner organizations, other institutions and society as a whole. We wish to create a community center of support and acceptance, and strive to reduce the existing stigma on people using psychoactive substances.

To stay informed about upcoming events in the House, you can keep up with us on Facebook: @posokahouse