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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People


There is hope!

There is hope!


I’m 28 and relatively young! I grew up in a family of smart and intelligent people, but despite my good upbringing, I still fell into the trap of alcohol addiction. My serious alcohol abuse and my loss of self-control over its use started about 7 years ago, and I have been addicted to alcohol for about 10 years.

I admit that it is really hard to write these lines, because there are many things to say, but words are scarce! It personally took me years living with the problem to admit it to myself and even when I did, I was too exhausted to fight it. Many things have changed, too many people were gone from my life, I have lost loved ones. I didn’t like the life I had but I did not see a point in fighting to change it after so many wasted years. And it makes sense, right…?

My family fell apart, friends are gone, no one cares what I go through, if I have a problem that I need to share … what do they know? And I`ve come this far, to be ridiculed and talked about behind my back, and I am alone anyway, now I really am. What really is the point of fighting, once you’ve hit rock bottom and are still alive???

I appeal to all of you who are beginning to realize that you have a problem with alcohol, to all who have already realized that, but believe they are still able to kick it, to all who are my age and think the way I did, as well as those who have already given up on this problem!

Here I found a way to fight. And it is very simple. Everyone knows it, but nobody believes it, or at least not trying it. This is the power of unity! It is the power to work in a group (which is the purpose and basis of the „Solidarnost“ program) that helps you fight along with others who support you and fight with you, who understand you and whom you understand, who help you and whom you help, but among who you are not ashamed to say that you need help. There are many aspects of assistance in this program, but my work in a group most helped me personally!

Those who begin to realize that they have a problem, come here and listen to the stories about the mistakes we made, so not to make the same ones and then regret them! Those who are aware of your problem, but think you can handle it, it is not so! Stop while there is still time.

It is true that there are people who singlehandedly stopped abusing. They are very, very strong-willed. According to statistics I`ve read, these people are one in 100,000. You say you are one of these people? Even if that is so, would it not still be better to walk down the road already taken instead of looking for answers yourself?

Those who are my age and think like me – there is help, real help and really good! It is true that not everything will go back to the way it used to be for us, and we would still have to live with some of the losses we suffered in the past. That is inevitable! But should we squander what we have left? There are ways of coping and I found them! Now is exactly the time to stop and not lose everything, but rather to build a new direction for yourself and have a better life.

And those who are older and have already given up on the problem, here are the words of my grandfather, which I had forgotten, but now often remember, and they keep me going: „It is not important, my child, what mistakes you have made, nor if you corrected them or not! People remember what you decided to do after you made them. Whether you continued to live with dignity or without, that is what they will finally remember!“

There is hope, people, and I found it, too. Let us live our lives in a dignified manner!

M. K.