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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People


I Changed My Life

I Changed My Life

Personally, through `Solidarnost`’s help, I changed my life. I was so lost in alcohol, that one day I really just hit the bottom. After starting to heal in „Solidarnost“, I realized the true meaning of the word „Life“. What I can tell you after my brief three months in the program, is that I learned to love it, and not just the word. I love my family, I love to enjoy the little things, to appreciate and respect the people around me, to struggle with the difficulties that life brings, and to have fun without substances. I learned to trust people again, to get along with my family, to become respected and liked by friends and relatives again, to take responsibility, in a word – to live. Everything that I mentioned above, I had lost during my period of alcoholism. Most importantly – I can say now that there are people whom I can trust, who want to help me, who are sympathetic to my condition. After a long time wandering in search of psychiatrists and all sorts of help, I ran into the team of „Solidarnost. Through their professionalism, competence and high moral concerns, they helped to take the first step towards the fulfillment of my best – biggest dream – to heal properly and to become a complete person, or as they say in society, a „normal person.“ The team helped me find the path to self-discovery, and from there to my personal development. Thank you!

S. S.