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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People


How did „Solidarnost“ help me

How did „Solidarnost“ help me

The first time I entered the community of the „Solidarnost“ I was quite amazed by the atmosphere and especially the team of specialists. I`ve been in the Hospital for mental diseases “Suhodol” and heard stories about other rehabilitation programs and therapeutic communities for addicts but what I expected had little to do with reality at “Solidarnost”. It was clean, people were friendly, attentive and interested in what happens to me. All were personally involved and I felt that the people who work there, definitely did not fool around or simulate any therapeutic work. Everyone there was serious, responsible and very committed to make me feel welcome and to go through the required work process. I created a very strong bond with the team and the group, which definitely motivated me to go ahead. The group was balanced by a variety of personal experiences and I felt that I could speak calmly, without feeling fear of being misunderstood or judged. The framework of work and the rules of the community were pretty tough, but definitely gave me a sense of order, which is with me to this day.

The fact that the program’s team had people on it who were very emotional and knew how to make a healthy relationship with their clients helped me a lot. It definitely helped me relax around them, because I am a man who keeps strong ties with people, regardless of circumstances, labels and rules that accompany each profession. Also, when I faced any difficulty, I immediately got feedback from all team members, and especially the members of the group, and I was able to quickly see what I needed to correct in myself. They helped me come to terms with my feelings, with who I am, and what I know how to do. I got myself back!