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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People


A Place to Change

A Place to Change


For me, the recovery center „Solidarnost“ is a place where one can develop a lasting ability to solve their problem of addiction to various substances (drugs, alcohol). I`ve been here for two months, during which I have been learning how to live without using. I think that addicts should strive to change, which can be quite difficult. It is very difficult to make changes without external support. Addicts think they can handle their problem themselves, which is the greatest deception. Most often they rely on parents, but they cannot help us just by being our parents and by visibly supporting us. We know that after tearing down even a strong house, it is difficult to restore it again, and time had to pass. This happened with our organisms from our prolonged use of drugs and alcohol – we knocked them down and we abandoned them! We have to restore them again! For change to occur, it is necessary to work in another, creative direction, and for that we need the help of specialists. One of the things that must be done is to change our environment and our life style. And that is quite difficult to achieve, it must be learned. Here is the place for change! The center „Solidarnost“ has a team of specialists who are able to help us think and act differently, so we can heal and live a new life. To begin to love again and to bring smiles to the people we love and who love us!

There is no need to wait. Treat yourself immediately, before it`s too late!

Z. N.