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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People


Perseverance Leads To Triumph

Perseverance Leads To Triumph

I have successfully finished the program. As things started to clear for me, my dreams began to seem realistic and within reach.

Here’s my story – at one point in my life I made my mind that I did not want to make the same mistakes over and over again and would like to start a new. This was a great decision, but without the help of the therapeutic team, the group and the day-to-day work in the program, my motivation would not have been strong enough to sustain and carry out my resolution.

In “Solidarnost” I found true caring, objective feedback on my behavior, a sense of belonging and understanding. I was struck by the genuine concern of the staff towards everyone in the program. My first day in the program I was late and my psychologist was waiting for me seemingly uneasy at the door. I was surprised and fond of the fact that someone did care for me. I had already had a negative experience from other places of prejudiced attitude toward someone with addiction. But here I felt worthy as a human being.

The most important thing from the program for me is that I learned how to be aware in the ordinary everyday situations. This helps me to have a realistic view of myself and my abilities, as well as a realistic view of the world and of the people I am encountering outside of the day center.

In the program I acquired the skills of taking in criticism and deep listening. I learned how to communicate and connect with others without imputation, not labeling them, and respecting their feelings. I learned to own my words and deeds, and not thinking all the time what others think of me and whether they would still like me. This gave me the confidence of doing what is best for me, without much worry of how others would judge me.

Another thing that might happen for you in “Solidarnost” is to unwind your potential or at least to find your strengths. I felt appreciated there. I was provoked to dig up the skeletons, from which I would have be running away forever, to face them, and see that they are not so scary. I learned to be patient and now I can see the importance of it. Because perseverance pays off and leads to triumph. I thank the team for their respect and devotion to the people with problems.

M., 20.05.2016