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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People

Groups and workshops

Groups and workshops

Therapeutic groups

The aim of our groups is to allow the person addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling to open to others, to share his/her way, difficulties and resources. The reasons for the drug addiction are explored in the groups and the participants in the program are trained to express their emotions, to identify their needs, to give feedback and to communicate directly.

One of the most important characteristics of the group work is creating an atmosphere of trust. It allows the members of the group to talk about themselves, to increase their potential for communication, to experiment with new types of behavior, to grow without feeling that they have become a victim of injustice or violence. All groups are lead by a member of the team and follow certain rules.

Different approaches for group work are used depending on the type of group. Our more important groups are the group for meetings, the focus group, planning weekend activities, relapse prevention.


The ateliers are part of the pedagogical work in Solidarnost Program. During the ateliers the participants enter in various relationships and learn new skills and values. The ateliers represent the “school of life”, where relationships between participants allow apart from everything else effective therapeutic work in groups like groups for meetings and focus groups.

Presentation of workshops

 Workshop PhotoFozzie

PhotoFozzie is the newest atelier in Solidarnost Program and was created in 2015 by clients successfully completed the Program and moved on in re-entry phase with the participation and constant help of the team of Solidarnost and volunteers.

In the atelier the clients can use the photographic art as an opportunity to express themselves, to gain new skills, and to assist their own reintegration process in the society.

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Facebook page of the atelier: ФотоФози