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Solidarnost Association
“Solidarnost” Association for Rehabilitation of Addicted People

Is the program for me?

Is the program for me?

A few good reasons to choose the Solidarnost Program for rehabilitation and resocialization of addicts:


  • You are an adult;
  • Drug, alcohol and gambling use have caused you problems of a various sorts – with your family or friends, in your intimate relationships, education, work, or have affected your health and financial status;
  • You have tried different ways of coping, including participation in other treatment and rehabilitation programs, but without success;
  • You have never participated in a rehabilitation program;
  • In your head, there is the thought of stopping to use addictive substances, but you do not know how;
  • Drugs/alcohol/gambling no longer bring you pleasure or comfort;
  • You realize that it would be financially better off if you stopped using drugs, drinking alcohol or gambling;
  • You need to structure your days and plan for the future;
  • You are just tired of your life as an addict and you want you pre-addiction life back.


The eligibility criteria joining for the Solidarnost Program are:


  • You have turned 18;
  • You have been diagnosed with addiction to psychoactive substances (alcohol, drugs) or gambling;
  • You have passed a successful detoxification process (if needed);
  • You are not using any psychoactive substances (illicit drugs, alcohol, non-prescribed medications) at the moment of admission into the program;
  • In the presence of an accompanying psychiatric illness – after assessment of its severity;
  • After assessing the health of the applicant in the presence of physical illnesses;
  • After preparation for inclusion in the rehabilitation program;
  • After your signed compliance with the Rules for Participation in the Program;
  • Following a signed Contract for participation in the Program by the addict and his/her parents / relatives.